Technology revolution is at the core of any human development. Technology disruption has seen many industries change, transform and become better. Those not able to keep up the pace have been left behind and never looked back upon. We have experienced significant technological inventions in the last 5 years which have made big cooperates to re-think their strategy. Though clinical trials have been laggards of sorts to adapt to these fast-paced changes, pharma companies now sense the technology revolution around the corner, in fact knocking right at their doors. They have started seeing the advantages that these transformations bring to their outcome of bring novel therapies to patients. Welcome to the age where digital transformation, process automation, robotic and intelligent automation’s, IoT are buzz words. The key is to visualize current outcomes being achieved with this buzz. I am starting this journey of writing about how clinical trials conduct influenced by the digital would impact current ways, means and methods of managing clinical trials data.


I am a clinical data management professional with 13 years of experience in healthcare and clinical trial data management. I am focused on bringing disruption in the area of clinical trials by conceptualising break through data management practices.

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